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Mandatory Solar Panels for Flanders' Intensive Energy Companies: Addressing the Challenge Now
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Renewable energies file - Extracts LN24
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Energy prices - Companies are investing in photovoltaics (Excerpt from RTL info 03/17/2022)
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Florence Coppenolle joins the board of Enerdeal Group
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AI enhanced Solar Energy Management by Enerdeal
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Success Stories (LN24) – Enerdeal: Integrated Solar Energy Solutions
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Enerdeal nominated for Gazelles 2022
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Enerdeal is now powered by EDP, a world leader in renewable energy
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The 4 Factors To Consider When Assessing Your Property's Solar Energy Potential
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The Impact of Solar Energy on Reducing Carbon Footprint for Businesses in Belgium
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Credendo and Enerdeal Partnership Explained
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Exploring Third Party Financing Options for Solar Panel Installations: A Guide for Business Owners
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Adopting Solar Energy for Your Business: A 6-Step Roadbook
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Maximizing Solar Potential in Belgium: The Benefits of Large-Scale Ground Mounted Solar Panels
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4 Reasons Why A South Roof Orientation Is Not Necessary For Solar Panel Installation
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Pros And Cons Of Adding An Energy Storage System (i.e. Batteries) To A Solar Installation
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5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Go For Solar Panels (Belgian Scope)
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Enerdeal, Inbw And BW Invest Join Forces To Form SMART ENERGY INVEST II, A Unique Offer In Walloon Brabant For Companies And Communities.
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In Response To The Crisis, ENERDEAL And CENEO Join Forces To Finance Industrial Solar Projects In Hainaut
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A Strong Signal From France
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A 1 MWp Solar Park In Nosy Be/Madagascar
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Even More Ambitious Than The Paris Agreements
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As Solar Technology Evolves, Its Range Of Applications Is Getting Ever Wider
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Manono (Congo): Electrification Of An Isolated Town Carried Out By Enerdeal
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Enerdeal Awarded At The 2021 Eurosolar Convention
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They Run Solar #005 | Eurofoil
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They Run Solar #004 | Streff - Luxembourg
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They Run Solar #003 | Enerdeal
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They Run Solar #001 | Villa Lorraine group
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Enerdeal Launches AI Enhanced Solar Energy Management
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White Paper: The Simple Truth About Solar Energy. Myths And Realities.
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White Paper: Solar Perspectives For Africa. Focus On Hybrid Solar-Diesel
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White Paper: Industrial-sized solar power plants Third-Party Financing
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White Paper: Electricity Production In Offgrid Remote Areas
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They Run Solar #002 | Facq
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White Paper: Solar Energy And E-Mobility: Do The Obvious!
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Yes, Energy Independence Is Possible In Belgium. It Is Urgent To Take Action !

We excel in solar power

Engineering & construction

Development • Logistics • Construction

Enerdeal is specialized in the development of photovoltaic projects of industrial scale (from 500kWp to 10 MWp). From engineering to connection, we provide the expertise and experience to liberate your true energy potential.


Monitoring • Maintenance • Asset Management

We commit for the long term. We track and optimize your installations in real-time to achieve the highest degree of energy efficiency. We take care of maintenance, cleaning, and monitoring to protect the operational integrity of the system and its long-term performance.

Third party financing

Business Case • Leasing • PPA • International Grants

Smart Energy Today is our dedicated program for third party financing. If you have large roof or ground areas free of shade available for solar development, we’ll do the deal with no upfront investment. You only pay for the energy and enjoy your competitive edge.
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CEO Streff

If we use renewable energy, we must also produce it



CEO Eurofoil

As a player in heavy industry, we have to compensate for our intensive energy consumption



Marketing Manager Facq

This project helped controlling our energy costs wich resulted in the ability to apply stable pricing for our customers.
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