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Let's unlock your solar potential

The management of photovoltaic projects requires outstanding skills and resources. Enerdeal offers integrated solar energy solutions for industrial, commercial or real estate infrastructures in urban or rural environments.
Thanks to our highly comprehensive approach, we take care of the complete process: you rely, we commit.

Technical services at the highest standards.

A solar power plant normally requires limited maintenance as most of the components are quite static. Nevertheless, as the system is exposed to severe weather conditions, periodical proactive controls and checks are crucial (connection check, soiling or dust check and clean inverter de-dusting, thermography analysis …). At Enerdeal, every aspect of your installation is monitored and optimized to ensure power plant usage at maximum capacity.
In addition, Enerdeal can provide protection against production loss in case of temporary default of the installation, thus maximizing profitability for the investors. This is made possible by benefitting from an innovative frame contract.

A dedicated third party financed solution: Smart Energy Today

Depending on the location and the consumption profile, solar investments can generate paybacks ranging from 3 to 8 years on average. Most often, decision makers with a patrimonial strategy prefer a direct investment, benefiting therefore from the highest returns.
However, most industrial, retail or large real estate owners will prefer a third party financed solution, allowing them to benefit from immediate P&L savings (opex) while keeping available capital fully dedicated to core business. From the beginning, Enerdeal has exclusively focused on B2B, mostly focused by third party financed schemes. By means of dedicated investment structures, as well internally or through private equity preferred partners in different regions of the world, we provide full financing of industrial size solar projects through 10-25-year long contracts.