Enerdeal – Turnkey solutions to solar energy

Founded in 2009, Enerdeal's mission is to promote smarter use of energy by providing state-of-the-art and competitive solar energy solutions to energy-intensive users, industrial companies and large property owners, increasingly integrated with electric vehicle charging stations. The Enerdeal park represents more than 2,000,000m2 of solar systems on carports, roofs, walls or grounds.
The company develops, operates and finances (via dedicated structures or via external financing partners), allowing customers to remain strategically focused on their core business while benefiting from substantial savings without direct investment. The company operates in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Africa. Since Feb 1st, 2023, Enerdeal joined the EDP Group.
Our Vision
We empower companies with integrated solar energy solutions that help them generate considerable savings as well as contributing to building a better world. Hand in hand with our clients, we seek long-term business results and social value for communities. We contribute to a sustainable future by leveraging innovation and entrepreneurship in both local and international business environments.

Our Values

Everyone at Enerdeal shares a passion for a business that drives the future. We are proud of what we do in trying to achieve extraordinary goals with a positive economic, social, and environmental impact.
We strongly believe in the need of a symbiosis between sustainability and economy in order to contribute to a better world.
Solar energy is a renewable natural resource. Everything we do is based on building a more sustainable world for people, for the environment and for business.
At Enerdeal, there is no ‘hit and run’ business. We never walk away; we always stand by our clients and often finance what we do.
We focus on quality, reliability and long term, rather than quick wins. We deliver added value to our clients as a service rather than a product: smart energy consumption that enhances your autonomy.
With a strong engineering background, high qualifications and solid track records, we’ve gained the trust of large corporate groups, big players and private equity investors, with whom we developed long-term partnerships. But you don’t have to be big to be beautiful.

Speak Up

At Enerdeal and the EDP Group we rigorously implement a transparency policy, giving a voice to anyone who encounters conducts they believe that might breach ethical principles, legislative provisions or internal standards. To enable this reporting, we provide a "Speak up" channel, which strictly follows the legal requirements regarding whistleblowing and that is easily accessible here.

The EDP Speak up channel has global coverage and gathers reports of alleged breaches of the EDP’s Code of Ethics or legislative provisions as well as of internal policies and regulations
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EDP Group - Focused on a better tomorrow

With more than 40 years of history, and over 12.000 employees, we are a multinational, vertically integrated utility company, present in 29 markets around the world. We provide electricity and gas to more than 9 million customers and believe in green energy as a stepping stone towards a more sustainable world.
More about EDP Group
And as our business expanded, our purpose and commitment to the planet also became stronger. We know that to win the race against climate change, the world needs structural transformation. And we want to drive that transformation, using the power of wind, sun and water on a global scale to accelerate decarbonization, leaving no one behind.

The Management Team

Grégoire de Pierpont
François Neu
Filip Verboven
Philippe Opsomer
Corine Buffoni
Andy Van Endert
MONNET Innovation Center