Active since 2002 in the promotion and expansion of renewable energies in Luxembourg and more particularly solar energy, Eurosolar had the great honor to organize the official ceremony of the Luxembourg Solar Prize 2020/2021. The ceremony took place on Tuesday, October 26, 2021and was organized in collaboration with the Chamber of Trades, the O.A.I. (Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers), the Federation of Craftsmen, the Federation of Technical Engineering as well as myenergy.

The ceremony rewards the best national projects, all categories combined: municipalities, industries, individuals, cooperatives, architects, innovations, citizen initiatives and so on and has the purpose to inform and to mobilize the general public to join the movement to promote all the the potential of solar energy now, and for the future.

This year, Enerdeal was awarded for the Photovoltaic installation project on the carport of the House of Biohealth.

The prize was delivered by Minister of Energy Claude Turmes for what has been described as an innovative project.

The ceremony was followed by a captivating conference on the challenges to get net-zero by 2030-2050.

We hereby would like to express our gratitude and thanks to Eurosolar and their partners.


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