Inaugurated on November 4th by President Andry Rajoelina during his visit to this locality, the power plant comprises 2022 solar panels installed on a one hectare plot of land.

15,000 households are already benefiting from this installation since last July, which provides 500 kWh per day. The objective is to solve the problems of load shedding and to reduce the cost of electricity in each home as well as the use of gasoil, thus saving 2 billion ariary [1] per year. In addition to reducing the energy bill, this project is part of the desire to promote the tourism sector.

The sun is shining in Nosy Be and other parks are in project.

The park is financed by FINEXPO, the financial arm of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs via a concessional credit to the Malagasy state.

Enerdeal's teams took care of the engineering and construction of the plant, in cooperation with the local company Henri Fraise.

We are very happy and proud of this achievement in such a complex context, which brings a real added value to the local population. When CSR and entrepreneurship meet...

[1] Official currency of the Republic of Madagascar


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