A new report released in October 2022 by the World Resources Institute (WRI) estimates that the current set of commitments implemented by member countries would only lead to a 7% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030. This is 6 times less than the targets set by the Paris Agreement to limit the impacts of global warming to a level deemed sustainable by climate science.

So we all need to pick up the pace.

As solar technology advances, its range of applications is getting ever wider.

This message is addressed to small, medium and large corporations out there, private or public, with the hope that it will trigger bold projects. Here are some ideas and examples of impactful projects:

  • Solar powered LED streetlights: they reduce energy bills and carbon emissions in many urban areas while also protecting public safety and promoting energy efficiency.
  • PV noise barriers: Along highways, they make nearby communities more liveable while generating renewable energy.
  • Solar powered EV chargers: Solar panels are increasingly being used to power EV chargers, making corporate fleets more and more autonomous and green.
  • And, valid for all of us, the most obvious and profitable: roof surfaces (homes and companies) to be leveraged to generate valuable solar electricity !

Each of us can take up the challenge to become at every level an active player in the energy transition.

Other countries are leading the way and demonstrating that it is possible.

Illustration: A22 highway in Italy


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