ENERDEAL is delighted to announce this collaboration with Guardian Glass, a first for the glass group in the field of solar energy, demonstrating its commitment to Environmental Responsibility. This 5MWp project (i.e. nearly 12,000 panels),whose production will be entirely self-consumed, represents an estimated reduction in CO2 emissions of around 1,400 tonnes per year[1]. ENERDEAL won this contract following an international tender managed by the Guardian Glass Group, underlining ENERDEAL's expertise and competitiveness in renewable energy solutions. 

Thanks to the expected CO2 savings (scope 2), the Guardian Glass project at Bascharage contributes to efforts to meet the European Union's ambitious targets of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030, compared with 1990 levels. Beyond these figures, the initiative serves as a model for other industrial sectors seeking to adopt renewable energy sources.  

By 2022, nearly 240 GWp of solar panels had been installed worldwide, with total capacity now exceeding 1 TWp (one TeraWatt, or one billion kWp).

Solar photovoltaics have become one of the cheapest, most reliable and quickest to deploy sources of renewable energy. With projects currently underway, worldwide installed capacity is set to more than double in the next 3 years, more than half of which will come from local self-consumption projects (on roofs, on the ground or in carports).  

ENERDEAL, backed by its expertise and success in Belgium and Luxembourg since 2009, with over a million m2 already covered, has been part of the EDP Group since early2023, a world leader in distributed solar energy (self-consumption) operating in 30 countries worldwide.

[1] Estimation based on the anticipated production of the Guardian Glass installation in Bascharage, considering the difference between the average value of the carbon intensity linked to electricity consumption in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg over the last 6 years, all production sources combined, and the estimated average carbon value for solar electricity production (source Electricity Maps| Live 24/7 CO₂ emissions of electricity consumption).


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