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Sonaca doubles its annual production of renewable electricity in Gosselies


The Sonaca and Neopark* teams have just signed a contract to cover up to an additional 12% of Sonaca's electricity needs, by equipping the roofs of the buildings on the Gosselies site with photovoltaic panels. This new 3 MWp installation will produce around 3 GWh/year of solar energy, equivalent to the annual consumption of almost 900 households.

The installations will be located on the Green building, the Assy factory and the F-35 building, and should be progressively available from the last quarter of 2024. They will represent the equivalent of 5 hectares of solar panels.

With the existing installations, Sonaca had a coverage of 5%. These future installations confirm Sonaca's ambitions to decarbonize its production sites and thus contribute to the ambition of reducing Sonaca's emissions by 40% by 2030.

*Neopark: a special partnership between Ceneo, an intercommunal energy financing company active in the Hainaut region, and Enerdeal, a company specializing in the development of solar projects.


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