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EDP's reforestation plan plants 6,000 new trees in Alto Lindoso


EDP's reforestation project in Alto Lindoso is already underway, involving the planting of 6,000 new trees, including native species such as birches, ash trees, cork oaks and strawberry trees. The initiative led by EDP Generation is located on the right bank of the river Lima, next to the Alto Lindoso dam, and will benefit around 22 hectares in the protected area of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, in the northern part of the country.

As part of EDP's biodiversity strategy - Nature for Tomorrow - this action emphasises the importance of protecting the forest, in full alignment with the group's energy transition and carbon neutrality commitments. In this way, the aim is to help reduce the vulnerabilities of local ecosystems and strengthen their resilience to climate change and other phenomena such as fires, storms, among others. It is also an important investment in the preservation of an agent that actively contributes to carbon capture and storage and the development of the green economy.

The afforestation project, which began last month, involved the collaboration of various organisations and local communities, including the Lindoso Parish Waste Land Management Board, a local association which, in partnership with the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF), manages the waste land in Alto Lindoso. The project's start-up phase, marked by the planting of approximately 850 new trees, also saw the participation of several EDP volunteers and students from local schools. The initial implementation of the project is due to be completed at the beginning of March, and at the end of this year, trees that may not be able to withstand the summer will be replanted.

Focused on biodiversity, Nature for Tomorrow is a programme promoted by EDP Geração that aims to streamline an innovative approach to meeting the challenges of decarbonisation and combating climate change. With sustainability goals of producing 100% renewable energy by 2030 and being net zero by 2040, EDP recognises the crucial importance of biodiversity and sustainable land use in achieving carbon neutrality. A strategy in which everyone - employees, communities, partner organisations - participates towards a greener and more sustainable planet.


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